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SPw-14 pump

General information

Pumping capacity of 20,0m³/h, with a lifting height of 22,0mH2O and drive power required of 2,2kW.


Transport of food liquids of temperatures up to 200°C, in particular:

  • oil,
  • syrup,
  • juice and hot water,
  • other liquids.

It can be washed as part of other machines and devices.

Construction of the SPw-14 pump

  • The pump is based on the GA pump construction, with a pumping assembly installed on separate bearings, driven by an electric motor through a coupling that insulates the motor from the temperature of the medium pumped.
  • Rotor construction - closed, between two disks.
  • Material used for the pump construction: Acid-proof steel 1.4301 (AISI 304).
  • Single mechanical sealing.
    Rubbing couples:
    impregnated carbon/silicon carbide,
    silicon carbide/silicon carbide,
    impregnated carbon/ceramic.
    Rubber materials:
    Ethylene propylene EPDM
    Fluoroelastomer (VITON)
    Nitrile (NBR)

    Other sealing materials available by request.

  • Connector pipes according to PN - suction DN50 (Rd68) and pumping DN40 (Rd 55) or according to DIN 11851 - suction DN50 (Rd 78).
  • The pumps are certified for use in the food industry, and have a declaration of conformity issued and CE certification.


The SPw-14 pump parameters
Characteristic units SPw-14
capacity * [m³/h] 20,0
lifting height * [mH2O] 22,0
suction height [mH2O] 2,0
temperature of pumped liquid [°C] 95
rotor diameter [mm] 142,0
drive motor type - SKg 90L-2
motor power [kW] 2,2
rotation of engine (50Hz) [min-1] 2840
rated current/voltage [A/V] 4,6/400
mass [kg] 52,0

Overall dimensions and cross-section of the SPw-14 pump

Overall dimensions and cross-section of the SPw-14 pump

The SPw-14 pump characteristics

The SPw-14 pump characteristics