Spomasz Zamość S.A.

The producer of the machines and accompliances for the food industry

Upright insulated tanks

Upright insulated tanks mounted on the flat bottom


The tanks are designed for long-term food liquid storing such as:

  • fruit juice,
  • fruit concentrate,
  • wine,
  • milk and its dairy products,
  • other food liquid and the liquid with aggressive influence onto its environment and having exceptionally high storing requirements

The tanks are offered in basic dimensions of 15.000 to 100.000litres.

Processing tanks with heating coat, insulation and an upright mixer


Single, double or triple-plane tanks are designed for raw material processing in the food industry. The insulation is made of mineral wool or polyurethan foam. The insulation is covered with firmly welded sheet. The heating or cooling coat is able to work with pressures of no more than 3.5 bars to be made in quilted coat, serpent pipe or rectangular dithes technology depending on working conditions
The tanks applications:

  • making liquid at various content and acidity fiat
  • preventing from stored liquif splitting
  • liquid with add-ons mixture
  • liquid mixture to intesify processes
  • add-ons preparations
  • sirup and other liquid preparation.

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